“but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint." -Isaiah 40:31

 Greetings Church,

I read the verse above and think… “Only God!” In less than a week, we have reinvented church and are very excited for tomorrow morning.

Here are a few things you should know.


Our church will be broadcast over the internet (YouTube) for the duration of this. Please navigate to our homepage at www.okotoksefc.ca and click the big button that says “LIVESTREAM.” Please use this link every week in case something changes on our end. NO- you do not have to watch it live. We will be putting them into the Teaching portion of our website sometime after the service on Sunday. They can be watched and re-watched there.


You will also notice three images below that. They point to other parts of our website that we are focusing on during this time.


Our church has offered Sermon Based curriculum for years. Maybe, for such a time as this? Every week as we go through this we will be offering to our Growth Groups, families, and individuals a Bible study for you to do in any way you wish. It will build off of the sermon content and help you apply what you learned to your life. Attached is the handout, similar to what you see in the bulletin. Group Leaders have a more detailed version for group study, if and when they choose to meet they can use it. You can find your weekly handouts there. It has yet to be determined if we will email them out as well. They will be available on Friday on our website under “Teaching."


Our Youth Pastor, Chris, is very excited to continue his ministry to our families while they are shut in. He is busy reinventing our youth ministry to still connect and grow our people in the midst of this. He will be putting resources there as things develop. Check it out now for an exciting family event on Monday (more on that below).


All of our church wide communications (like this one) will also be posted on our website.



Our Youth Ministry department is pleased to announce a global livesteam event on Monday night (7pm) to equip families with their new normal. A number of celebrity guests will be featured and topics include: how to schedule your day, how to help kids cope in times of uncertainty, fun ways to gather around God’s Word and how to thrive as a family and embrace the positives. You can find more information under our Family Resources Page.


Some people have reported they are not receiving emails. Most of the time it has to do with people accidentally or purposefully unsubscribing. If you hear of people not getting email, please tell them to contact the office. We can re-subscribe. A select few of you are not able to receive emails at all… we are looking into it.


We sent out an email yesterday about this. Please note, only ministry leaders and ministry teams/committees will be receiving an email from AVAYA and given administrative rights. The rest of us will be invited into groups as needed by our ministry leaders.

We will NOT be hosting our Sunday service through this tool (see LIVESTREAM). However, we may utilize it for congregational meetings should the need arise, online discipleship gatherings, and church “business” meetings. Also, during our Sunday services you can choose to gather online in groups and watch it together, should you so choose (that is just a creative idea, not a directive). For those of you waiting for an account, please stand by. Avaya is busy creating administrative rights for thousands of new clients.


On Thursdays we will be having a special email, from my account, similar to these. It will feature information pertaining to the life of our church. It will replace the regular bulletin. Other emails will continue, but I anticipate they will lessen as we become accustomed to our new normal.


Tomorrow marks the first Sunday in the history of our church without a regular offering. We will briefly mention at the end of our stream our online giving tools. We are well aware of the realities all of us face in the future, and we are grateful for your continued support. Our website and other options are available to you.  


I am more and more convinced that there is a spiritual battle on Sundays over our tech and gear. Now that we are 100% reliant on it, the attack will be fierce and unrelenting. Please keep this in your prayers….tomorrow and in the weeks to come.

We are looking out for you, who can you look out for today?