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One Service/Two Venues

Our Sunday morning worship time begins with two “venues” (Main Auditorium for Contemporary Worship with full band, and Fireside Room for Classic Acoustic Worship with a pared down band). Following the Singing Time, parents can check their children into Children’s Ministries classes and adults can grab a coffee or chat for a few minutes. Then all the adults gather in the Main Auditorium for the Teaching Time (a video feed is provided in the Fireside Room for those who prefer a smaller setting for the Teaching Time). Click the following links for our rational about these changes.

We have one service to help our Children’s Ministries thrive.

Children join us for singing, so volunteers can be part of Worship Gathering.

However, one service with everyone in it, could be full. Therefore, we utilize two Venues for part of our service.

So we thought, why not experiment with two Worship Styles in the two Venues?

After our Family Friendly Worship, parents will need time to check children into the Children’s Ministry.

Why not experiment with a Coffee Time for community building?

After our break, we bring the adults together in the Main Auditorium for the Teaching Time.

This is an experiment!