Plan to Protect

We take the safety of our youth and children seriously. That's one of the reasons we have implemented a protection plan (also known as Plan to Protect) to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone involved, both children and adults alike. 

OEFC requires all volunteers working with children and youth ministries to complete the steps of our Protection Plan prior to being involved. These steps include attending a Plan to Protect Course, filling out an Application Form, completing a Criminal Record Check (this step for volunteers over 18 only), and completing an interview with the ministry leader or pastor. These steps ensure we are providing the safest environment possible for the children in our care, as well as protecting the volunteers and the church.

Below are links to some of our Protection Plan documents including our Adult Application Form (for adults wishing to volunteer with minors) a Youth Application Form (for youth wishing to volunteer with children up to grade 6), and a walkthrough with detailed instructions for each step of the Protection Plan. If you wish to volunteer for the first time at OEFC, please feel free to print, fill out, and return to the church’s main office the appropriate Application Form. This will help us to get to know you and initiate the remaining steps of the Protection Plan. People who are curious about children's ministry and are considering their involvement are asked to begin the process. Until it is complete, their responsibilities and duties will be modified to ensure that the Protection Plan guidelines are followed. 

Thank you for your desire to be involved in our children and youth ministries, as well as for taking the OEFC plan to protect seriously.

Protection Plan Course Documents

We recommend that you attend a Protection Plan Course at the church, but we understand that busy schedules can conflict and our course dates won’t work for everyone. If you are unable to attend a course in-person we ask that you read the “Protection Plan Book.” Once you have read the book, please sign the “Protection Plan Course Completion Form” and return it to the church along with your application.