We are pleased to offer Pre-Marital and Early Marriage mentoring for those who want to establish their marriage on ensured principles that will promote long-time satisfaction and security. You may know that about 40% of Canadian couples who marry end up divorcing. However, you probably don’t know that this gloomy statistic falls enormously to about 5% for those who have participated in pre-marital mentoring.

We are committed to something we call “Home-Base Mentoring.” This involves matching you with a non-professional (though still great people!) “mentoring” couple who will, in the uninterrupted privacy of their home, lead you through an exploration of the common challenges of marriage. You will meet 6-8 times (about two hours for each meeting) over a two-four month period. Expect to be well respected and offered good coffee or tea (and occasionally maybe even pie!).

For more information contact the church office or email [email protected]