A new season of Growth Groups will launch in the fall of 2022!


What are Growth Groups?

Growth Groups exist to help people reach their full potential in Christ by facilitating healthy Christ-centered relationships, connecting people to God’s word and to each other [emphasis on relationships].

A Growth Group is...

  • A group of people at various stages of their Christian walk
  • Who commit to meeting together
  • Weekly in a home
  • For 10 weeks at a time, 3 times per year
  • To grow in their spiritual journey
  • Together in community


Choose your own adventure...

...everyone is different. Some people prefer a face-to-face delivery of information, while others enjoy getting everything up front, before they engage.


That's why we have designed this page to take you down either path. Below is an informative 9-minute video outlining our philosophy and strategy in greater detail. There is an option to bypass that and ask a member of our pastoral staff to contact you directly, as well as an online survey you can fill out and submit with some information about your needs, so we can best help you with your placement.

Consider it a digital "Choose your own adventure."

The brief survey link for enrollment purposes is found HERE

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