As a church, our energy goes into helping people like you reach your full potential in a growing relationship with Jesus, wherever you happen to find yourself! 

Maybe you are a genuine tire-kicker, exploring Christ with lots of questions, a bit of skepticism and a few doubts too. We hope you will find this a safe place to find answers to your questions about the meaning of life. 

Perhaps you already have a growing relationship with Christ, but you know that you have a lot further to go. You won't be alone. 

Do you consider yourself close to Christ, and over the years the trials and challenges of life have stretched your faith to the extremes? If your days aren't the same when they don't include Jesus, you will be challenged to grow deeper at OEFC.

What if, over time, your life has become completely Christ-centered? For you, Jesus is the reason why you get up in the morning. Your entire life is centered around Him. Perhaps you don't need the same spiritual diet as many other believers; we get that. At OEFC, you will find the encouragement to step out in your faith and the tools to meet the needs of a world lost in brokenness. 

Wherever you are, we want you to feel at home amongst us and be able to find your unique next step to help you grow further as you learn to Love God, Live in community, Serve others, and Tell about His work in your life to people who might not yet know Him.

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